How to Clean your Bathrooms Less

Bathrooms are often the most dreaded room in terms of cleaning.  I have some handy hints and tips to make this a more effortless task.

Clear Sink

Keeping the sink clear is a great way to keep it cleaner for longer. Where possible soap and toothbrushes etc should be kept out of the way on a shelf, window sill or cabinet.  Every time you wash your hands, give the sink and tap a quick rinse to keep it sparkling.

Reduce Bath Toys

Bath toys should be kept to a minimum, bath times filled with bubbles and imagination is all children really need. I keep a small selection of toys in a handy scoop that is suctioned to the wall which allows the toys to drain, air dry and be stored tidily.

Razor Hook

Razors are often balanced precariously on the soap dish, install a simple razor hook.


In terms of products, I only keep what I use daily. Less bottles, lotions and potions make for a tidier bathroom. These should be kept off the floor and sides of the bath. On the shower pole I have added an extra shelf and have used this to store minimal products.

Cleaning Products

Toilet brush, quite simply I do not, and won’t ever own one. I keep minimal cleaning products in our bathroom. I use a bleach and a general bathroom spray which I attach my rubber gloves to with an elastic band to keep them off the floor. I use a washable micro-fibre cloth to clean the glass to a streak-free finish.

All of the above decluttering tips will help your bathrooms look and stay cleaner for longer.

2 thoughts on “Bathroom

  1. If the shoe fits, it's ugly says:

    Hi, I love watching your stories for tips and advice! Just curious to how you clean the toilet with no brush? Is there something else you use instead? How do you clean the rest of the toilet, do you use flushable Wipes? Cleaning the toilet is a pet hate of mine and am looking for ways to do it differently! X


    • Organised Motherhood says:

      hello, thank you for your comment. Around the toilet I use the bathroom cleaning spray and small wedge of toilet paper (while wearing gloves). Although not ideal, toilet paper does biodegrade quicker than wipes and is obviously designed for flushing. Daily I bleach under the rim and it stays clean. Kelly xx


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