How to Organise Under the Kitchen Sink

How to Organise Under the Kitchen Sink

Cleaning Products

To keep under the kitchen sink tidy, first and foremost you want to reduce the amount of cleaning products that you own. Completely empty the cupboard and have a good look through everything.  Only keep what you use and what you like using. From now on avoid multi-buy offers and ‘stocking up’.  Start using products which have multiple uses, as well as saving precious space it will also reduce your weekly shopping costs. Less items are always easier to keep tidy so only keep what you need.

The cleaning product I am really enjoying using at the moment is ‘EcoEgg’s Concentrated Multi Purpose Anitbacterial Cleaner’. One capful is diluted into a spray bottle and it can be used pretty much everywhere, I have even used it on sofa stains. What I love most about this product swap is that it will reduce my plastic waste because the large concentrated bottle will make up 80 diluted sprays, it is also more cost effective and less toxic than my previous cleaner. For specialised tasks such as cleaning the washing machine and dishwasher I use vinegar and bicarbonate of soda from the kitchen cupboard. Often there is no need for buying expensive ‘specialised’ products.

Product Containers

Look into installing some simple containers to hold your now reduced cleaning products. This will keep the cupboard tidy and organised with no effort. The best container for this type of space is a long and thin container so you can store your products in neat lines. These containers can also be pulled out to easily reach bottles at the back and are clear so your products are always visible. Adding your washing up brush inside a holder will clear your sink area too. Having one of these containers for cloths and sponges will keep them organised and tidy.

Bin Liner Dispenser

I have removed my compost and landfill bin liners from under the sink. I found they unravelled and made the space look really untidy. I have installed a bin liner dispenser in the hallway cupboard instead.


I own three small bins rather than one large one. I find smaller bins easier to change, plus it means I keep the floor area in my kitchen clear. I have a large recycling tub, a compost bin and a handy landfill bin which attached to the cabinet door.

Rubber Gloves

Rubber gloves should be kept out of the way and on a handy hook.

See below my YouTube Video for further details and explanation –

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