Packing Cubes

What are Packing Cubes?

Packing Cubes are different sized zipped pouches which come in different colours. They allow you to pack your suitcase in a more organised way. It sounds silly, but honestly they are life-changing and really make packing more manageable.

Benefits of Packing Cubes –

  • You can pack in advance, one family member at a time. Once you have packed up a cube, you can zip it up and place it out of the way without fear that it will get messed up (unlike piles of clothes which are easily knocked over).
  • Buy a different colour cube for each family member so its easy to allocate who’s is who’s!
  • Experience the life altering packing hack of ROLLING clothes, yes roll not fold – watch my demo video below. Rolling actually reduces creases if done correctly.
  • When you have packed up everyone’s clothes, the task of fitting it into the case is easy! Like a game of Jenga you can move and position the cubes around to maximise your suitcase storage.
  • If flying long haul you can easily split your families luggage between various suitcases, which reduces the risk of a family member having nothing to wear if their case gets lost.
  • When you get to your destination there is no need to unpack! Simply allocate a shelf or cupboard to each family member and hand out the correct colour cubes!
  • While on holiday, say goodbye to messy hotel rooms where nothing can be found!
  • On your return any clean clothes can be kept in their cubes and will stay protected and won’t be messed up with any dirty laundry.
  • The smaller pouches are great for organising hand luggage.
  • They can be used for years to come!

Buy the very same packing cubes featured in the below video here.

Watch my YouTube video to see how I pack for a family holiday and how I use Packing Cubes to make this often overwhelming task easier!


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