Top Picks Summer 2018

Here are my top products that I am loving so far –

Essential Oil Blends

I haven’t blended many of my own oils yet with the exception of the obvious pairings. I am however loving Women’s Blend, it is so calming and soothing and I have this on my diffuser whenever I feel I need an extra boost. I only add about 3 drops to my diffuser and it lasts for the whole day. In comparison to the previous brand I used it’s so much stronger, I used to need 10 drops!  This small bottle contains over 60 days worth of fragrance making it much better value compared to a scented candle for instance.

I use a simple diffuser from Amazon, however Neal’s Yard have a lovely range of high quality diffusers, the one I have my eye on is white ceramic and would match my home décor perfectly.

Remedies to Roll – 

I have been using perfume less and less. As I have been reducing chemicals in the home I am finding it too overpowering and synthetic. I have been using the ‘Energy’ roller ball which gives me a lift (in the same way a squirt of perfume would!) it’s in a small glass tube and I just keep it in my baby bag. You roll it on your pulse points and the scent lasts about 2 hours on me. They have a huge range, and I can’t wait to try more of them.

Skincare –

They also have a wide range of skincare ranges that are lovely. I use a lot of The Ordinary skincare products, although they are amazing products they do lack that indulgent ‘just been to a spa feel’ as most of the active ingredients have little or no scent.  I’m using Neal’s Yard Products on the occasions when I want a bit of ‘luxury’ as well as an uplifting aromatherapy scent.  The rose range is my favourite.  The Wild Rose Beauty Balm is a multipurpose beauty must-have and comes with an organic muslin cloth. You apply it thinly to the face, relax and soak up the intoxicating scent and then gently remove it with the muslin cloth thus giving a gentle exfoliation to the skin. I have also used it like a highlighter by dabbing it on my cheek bones and its great on dry skin patches or cracked lips. This pot of luxury, although pricey will last a long time and is packed full of antioxidants and essential oils, its honestly like having a spa facial at home! This product has won a ton of beauty awards and has been blogged about extensively.


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