My Favourite Essential Oil Blends

There are so many essential oils to choose from. If you are starting your essential oil journey I think the best place to start is with the blends from Neal’s Yard Remedies, these beautiful little bottles have been created by expert Aromatherapists and offer the perfect balance of numerous oils in one convenient little power bottle.  I usually use up to 5 drops for optimum therapeutic scent, each bottle contains approx. 200 drops, so they are really good value too.

It is so hard to pick a favourite oil as it does very much depend on how I am feeling, see below for my common picks.

When I want to relax and read a bookCalming Blend – with notes of Chamomile it reminds me of a soothing cup of herbal tea and is like an aromatherapy hug in the air. Perfect to unwind after a fraught day. Designed with children in mind this is a great oil to put on during the bedtime routine.  

When I am feeling hormonal and stressed Women’s Balance – the best seller, and the first oil I ever bought. Relaxing rose and balancing geranium create the perfect aroma to help calm the hormones and take the edge off!

When I am feeling unwellOrganic Defence Blend – this is the oil I use in the home and add to my eco cleaning sprays – it is however amazing in the diffuser when a bug hits the family and you want to purify the air.

When I want to concentrate Focus Blend – this is a new favourite of mine as its so different from any of the other blends, its minty and so refreshing. It really does seem to help me stay focused on a task!

What my husband likes best Meditation Blend – without a doubt this is the oil he would pick, with Frankincense which is excellent for grounding anxiety it has a distinct woody fragrance and does remind me of a high-end spa treatment room. It encourages you to slow down and take a deep breath. This is a great option if you aren’t keen on floral scents.  

When I want to transform my room into a SpaLavender & Eucalyptus – this combo is a classic, I usually like 3 drops of lavender and 2 drops of eucalyptus. This essential oil mix is commonly used in spas so has a relaxing and familiar smell. It is also another good option if you are beginning to feel under the weather and need help sleeping.

How to pick a diffuser 

I own three(!) different diffusers, I started with a cheap and cheerful amazon one, just to make sure I liked diffusing oils and to make sure I was going to use it!  I then went onto buy an Esta for the bedroom as it fits well with my décor.  Recently I treated myself to the Oska which is Nordic inspired and ceramic, and looks super swish in my living room and can be controlled by an app! The main difference I have found between the two premium diffusers is the height and reach of the vapour, the Amazon one doesn’t seem to pump quite as high up into the atmosphere. Personally, I feel the quality of the oil is more important, so if you are budget conscious, go for better oils and add a premium diffuser to your birthday/Christmas wish-list!!!  

Remedies to Roll

I have been using perfume less and less. As I have been reducing chemicals in the home I am finding it too overpowering and synthetic. I have been using the ‘Energy’ roller ball which gives me a lift (in the same way a squirt of perfume would!) it’s in a small glass tube and I just keep it in my bag. You roll it on your pulse points and the scent lasts about 2 hours on me. There is a range to suit various moods, and I have also made my own ones with my favourite blends above.

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