How to use Essential Oils in your Life

I love using essential oils, and I often get asked how I use them in addition to using them in my diffuser and the obvious cleaning options I also share.

All of the Neal’s Yard Remedies Essential Oils come with a printed-out information leaflet with a dilution table. All you need to do is follow the ratios, and it’s quite easy once you know how. If you can’t find the leaflet, the info is always available on-line too.

I use this book a lot and use it as a reference point regularly.  It focuses on wellness and how we can improve many health problems with the use of essential oils, healthy food, herbs and general mindfulness.

Body/Pillow Spray

Make a body spray or pillow spray – this is super simple and quick to do. Just fill a small glass spray bottle with 50:50 cool boiled water and vodka, I use a 50 ml bottle and do 25 ml water/vodka and 25 drops. Just take care that the spray doesn’t stain any fabrics. I seldom use regular perfume now as I find it too strong and it tends to give me a headache.


Make a roller ball, I love the remedies to roll range and I think it’s a fab way to start using essential oils in your daily routine. Now I am getting a bit more confident I am experimenting with my own blends. I recently made a peppermint roller ball to help with tension headaches, as well as using my favourite Womens Balance Blend because I love the essential oil combination so much.


Add your essential oils to a bath, you need to add essential oils to a bath oil or carrier oil so that they mix into the water at a safe strength. It is also advisable to add the oils to the bath once it is at a comfortable temperature. This is the easiest and one of the most relaxing ways to enjoy essential oils.  I am also a big fan of aromatherapy bath salts.

Body Lotion

Add a few drops to a body lotion base. Go for a body lotion that is scent free and one that doesn’t contain too many harsh ingredients such as Sodium Laureth Sulfate which dries out the skin. Picking oils such as lavender is lovely just before bedtime.

Body Oil

Alternatively make a body oil, add a few drops of frankincense or mandarin to a base oil to encourage cell rejuvenation- perfect for stretch marks.  Massage a small amount into the skin after a bath or shower.

Hot/Cold Compress

Every Sunday I have a facial, I put my diffuser on and create my own at home spa. Try adding a few drops of lavender to hot water and then soaking a flannel in the water, wring it out and place gently over the face for a gentle and relaxing face steam. Alternatively cold compresses can be used following the same method, peppermint is really refreshing and placed on the forehead can relive tension headaches.

Face Steam

Another easy option is to create your own mini steam room! In a bowl add hot water and your choice of oils and lean over the steaming bowl using a towel to create a ‘tent’ over your head to trap the aromatic steam. You can use essential oils that are beneficial for the skin like tea tree, orange and geranium which are super at clearing pores and toning the skin. Altenatively use a mix of eucaluypus and lavender to help ease a congestion and aid sleep if you are feeling under the weather. 

Massage oil

Make a massage oil, pick your favourite oils and add them to a base oil, grapeseed oil is a fab option. The De-stress Blend is a fabulous choice ylang ylang is a renowned anti depressant and calms mood swings. In addition to the above there are plenty more ways you can incorporate them into your life. If you are making lotions and potions for future use, ideally store them in glass jars and label them with a date and contents. When you run out of your favourite Neal’s Yard Remedies beauty products keep the containers for this purpose. 

To shop for essential oils please do visit my online shop.

*Take care if you have sensitive skin and test a small area first. Always follow the dilution table. I am not a professional, do seek medical advice if you have underlying health concerns, are pregnant, breastfeeding or taking any medication. 

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