Neal’s Yard Remedies

I have been interested in essential oils and aromatherapy for a long time and since becoming a mum I have looked at using ‘cleaner’ more ethical products in the home to reduce my everyday chemical use with both cleaning and beauty products. I have so far made many swaps to really improve my home environment.

I first started using aromatherapy oils as suggested by my midwife in the late stages of pregnancy and also to aid healing after childbirth. Being calm and having a positive mindset is so important during this time. I found it so relaxing enjoying a bath with essential oils or having my  essential oil diffuser on at night time to help me sleep.

I had up until this point just bought oils from my local health food shop but was on the hunt for a brand which I could really trust to provide the best oils. After much research and asking for recommendations, Neal’s Yard Remedies were the company which came up time and time again.

Here’s why –

Neal’s Yard Remedies has been a pioneer in the organic beauty and wellbeing industry for almost 40 years and are based in the UK.

Environment –

All products are free from parabens, synthetic fragrances or genetically modified (GM) ingredients, mineral oil or silicones. None of their beauty products have ever contained microbeads.

Many of the products are supplied in the iconic glass bottles, or plastic which has been created from recycled materials. All materials used are easily recyclable.

Packaging used to send the goods are minimal and comes from well-managed forests.

They are the UK’s first high street retailer to be certified Carbon Neutral, a world-leading provider of carbon reduction solutions, reducing their carbon footprint to net zero!

Many of their ingredients have been awarded the Soil Association certification to verify their Organic status, which has such a positive impact on the environment in terms of the way crops are grown and harvested.

Animals –

They are accredited by Cruelty-Free International, which guarantees it has not been tested on animals. 100% vegetarian and mostly vegan (there are a few products that contain beeswax/honey, propolis which are clearly labelled).

People –

They work extremely closely with their suppliers around the globe, trading fairly and helping communities with sustainable projects.

Their eco-factory is based in Dorset offering jobs to local people here in the UK as well as running many events for the community.

I am currently undergoing training and doing lots of research so I can hopefully share my learnings with you.

Oils should be used cautiously around pets and children, as ever do make sure you follow instructions and seek advice from a professional if needed.

*To view Neal’s Yard Remedies products see my personalised shop 

*After purchasing some of their essential oils and being so impressed by the quality, reputation and indeed the above points I have signed up to be a Neal’s Yard Remedies Consultant. I am under no obligation to only recommend their  products or give positive reveiws. I am loving the training and the industry first look news which I will of course pass on to you if I think you will find it of interest. If you would like to find out more please see this link on how becoming a consultant can benefit you.